DMA Designs New Brand Identity for Vantage Property Management...

Having successfully redesigned Olivieri Commercial Group's brand identity, Anthony Olivieri requested the services of DMA again to design a new brand identity for his new property management company, Vantage. The concern: how do you create a mark that represents the industry and tie it back to the name Vantage? DMA kept it simple. Create a stylized "V" for Vantage through the use of shadows and negative space that also create the implied image of a tall rectangle that represents a building. Result: a clean, simple and contemporary logo that engages the viewer to discover both the hidden image of the building and the straight forward graphic of a stylized V. Another creative solution to help establish a brand in the marketplace and create top-of-mind awareness with its audience.


DMA Helps Luigi's Restaurant/Deli Celebrate their 100th Anniversary

Luigi's and Lemucchi's Grocery has been at its present location since 1910 and is one of Bakersfield's oldest continuous family operated businesses. Having been around for 100 years is special, and what better way to commemorate the year than by having a commemorative logo developed to help celebrate the occasion and spread the word. Having worked with Luigi’s on various projects over the years, DMA was happy to help out, providing an evolutionary change and update to their existing logo, incorporating the years in both English and Italian. Olive branches were added to frame the number 100, symbolizing peace and goodwill (as well as a common ingredient in the restaurant and deli). Look for this mark on lots of new specialty items throughout the Deli and Store!


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