DMA Designs New Brand Identity for Guinn Construction

Guinn Construction recently reached out to DMA to help them re-brand their company. Founded in 1952, Guinn has been regarded as a leader in general engineering construction. As time has moved forward, Guinn's offer has evolved with a new focus in the energy industry including wind and solar. To begin the process, DMA has developed a new logo for the company, a stylized "G" that denotes the feeling of movement, wind, energy and the grading process. A color palette of gold and black was maintained with the gold very closely matching the color of their equipment. Look for the logo as it is implemented throughout Guinn's marketing and sales materials including stationery, sales brochures, signage and new website.

DMA Holiday Card Simply Stated

Graphics for this year’s Christmas card reaffirm our commitment to our underlying philosophy to always engage the viewer by striving to keep a message simple, clever, and create a consistency between image and message. Solution: change our corporate color from cool blue to holiday red and add a shadow that represents the gifts we wish for all our friends, family and customers: Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Marketing Campaign Developed by DMA Earns Client Pandol Bros. Inc. Top Honor
from "Produce Business" Trade Magazine
Pandol Bros., Inc was recently awarded a 2010 Produce Business Marketing Excellence Award for their New Varietal Marketing Campaign, developed by Design Mark + Associates. Centered around the slogan, "Bringing Something New to the Table," the campaign featured brochures, e-blasts, press-releases and invitations to a tasting event for local inspectors, buyers and media. Designed to successfully launch several new table grape varieties to the marketplace, the campaign has further strengthened Pandol's positioning as an innovator and pioneer in marketing new varieties.

"After twenty years in the business, we continue to be thrilled when our work is recognized with such a prestigious award, but more importantly are pleased to share it with our client and celebrate their success in the marketplace," said Mark Ramsey, Principal of DMA.

New Creative for Knight’s Services!

As the South Valley’s premier portable services company, Knight’s Pumping Services was looking for a fresh look for their print advertising. DMA achieved it with that innocent (and fresh) look of a baby and a simple headline that speaks to what the brand provides an answer for…the call of nature! Imagery not normally associated with the products and services that Knight’s provides creates a memorable print ad with a clean, crisp look and message that reinforces the company’s commitment to quality of care and service.

DMA Designs Event Logo/Graphics for Upcoming State Cyclocross Championships

How do you design a logo for that communicates A no hole’s barred, region take all, one day cyclocross race featuring a duel from the best riders of Northern and Southern California?….Keep it simple. Let recognizable imagery that’s associated with each part of the state speak for itself and clear the way for the lone cyclocrosser. Add a distressed look to the graphics that reflects the tough, grueling nature of the sport and there you have it. Thanks to Race Director Sam Ames for the opportunity to have some fun with this. Don’t miss the race January 16th. T-shirts are coming!

DMA Develops Media Kit For Alliance College-Ready Public Schools of Los Angeles

To support the marketing efforts of the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools of Los Angeles, Design Mark + Associates designed a 27 page Media Kit that includes stand alone sheets featuring an overview of the Alliance, School List, Board of Directors, Supporters, Classroom Instruction Criteria, Model Elements & Values, and Spec Sheets for each of their 18 schools. A colorful, functional design template was developed to create consistency throughout the kit, featuring bright blocks of color that symbolize the building blocks of education. The Alliance creates small, high-performing charter schools committed to preparing graduates to succeed in college. The middle and high schools serve traditionally low-income, underachieving CA communities and promote of culture of high expectations for every student. DMA is proud to have helped with the success of this highly innovative and successful organization.

DMA Helps New City Cleaners Celebrate their 100th Year in Business

Congratulations to New City Cleaners for offering their customers the expertise and resources to care for their fine garments, linens, draperies and specialty items for 100 years! We are happy to kick off this celebration with a clever new print ad and in the planning stages for a campaign and event to take place later this year! The visual and headline of the ad are sure to make a lasting impression for the century old company.

DMA Develops New Brand Image for White Gold Cotton, LLC

When White Gold Association CEO Mark Costa elected to reform his company and rename it as White Gold Cotton LLC, it was time to re-brand the 8 year old company. Mark called on DMA to help with the redesign of the company logo, business system, website and sales materials. Known as an influential force in the cotton industry for its experience with building innovative and flexible programs that address the needs of U.S. cotton growers, WGC needed a strong image and synergistic marketing materials to represent their offer of leadership and expertise to the marketplace. DMA was happy to help out! Click here to visit WGC's new website.

DMA Jazz Festival Graphics Promote Another Great Jazz Festival

The Bakersfield Jazz Festival recently celebrated its 24th anniversary with another year of bright engaging graphics developed by DMA. Being one of the event's organizers as well as having provided creative direction for the festival for 19 years, this is a priority every Spring for DMA in terms of donating our time and creativity as a way giving back to the community and supporting CSUB. This year's graphic theme celebrates the spontaneity of jazz music with bright splashes of color on a sheet of music, creating a spotlight for the BJF logo. Next year is the Festival's 25th year...what's next?!

DMA Redesigns Dewar's Candy Brochure

Founded more than 100 years ago, Dewar's Fine Candies recently introduced their new promotional brochure, returning to the design studio that created their first brochure back in 1998. The original stood the test of time, helping to steadily grow the mail order and web site business that features their delightful confections and world-famous chews. DMA responded to the request with a bright new design that engages the viewer with eye candy that reflects the decor of the original location while promoting the heritage and fine products the family owned company has consistently offered to the marketplace since 1909.

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